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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time and Space.

One of my friends recently suggested starting a movement.  She would like to simplify life.  There are too many choices, and we are constantly being bombarded with the responsibility of decision.  "Paper, or plastic?"  No thank you!  "Would you like fries with that?"  Did I order fries?   "Next day shipping, two day delivery, slow, interminable wait?"  Look, I'll just come pick it up. "Cash or credit?" Just keep it."  Life has become a maze of confusing speculation, freighted claims, and, meaningless options.  She would like it to end.

In the perfect world she feels this would be replaced, 
By this.

And, really she has a point.  We need to simplify things.  Keeping that thought firmly in mind, this is the beginning of the manifesto of the "Occupy Main Street" Movement.  It needs a little work, I am but a humble blogger, and not wise in the ways of manifesto creation and editing.

She doesn't want more she wants less.  Why tie up all of that time reading menus at a restaurant, they should just serve you the one thing they make, "Welcome to Ted's House o' Meatloaf, we make Meatloaf" (just sit down and eat, it could be waiting for you), think of the minutes saved, all of the tormented anguish deciding between the sea bass and the orange roughy gone, replaced by speedy, comfortable contentment.

One television channel would help couples avoid a lot of bitter, heated, rancorous debate.  Weekends are sports, weekdays, talk shows, and evenings some combination of reality, situation comedy with dramatic overtones all designed to appease every taste, without any hope of succeeding.  "What do you want to watch?" would be replaced by "why bother!"

In fact, lets go one step further, who needs three dimensions, two is plenty.  People would have the choice of width, height, or, depth, waitwhat am I saying, this is anarchy.  We might need to elect a new spokespers...whoa, this might be a lot harder than originally thought.

Anyway, if you have had enough with all of the constant badgering by ruthless counter people, inquisitive customer service representatives, and prying, nosy sales people join us in our fight.  Particularly if you have some experience in the field of manifesto generation.  It is no longer a choice.