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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Judging situations by coffee,

Beginning tomorrow, you will no longer be able to have a cigarette at Starbucks, anywhere, even on the patio.  They have decided to ban smoking within 25 feet of their business.   Of course, that is a business move based on customer satisfaction surveys, and the general trend lately has been to plant the flag of a business squarely in the non-smoking camp.  It was the will of the people, and the people were thrilled.

Recently, Starbucks admitted to using water from a faucet located a few feet from a urinal in a "dingy bathroom" in Hong Kong.  They have apologized for this, but it was the only source of water in the vicinity.  And it was marked "drinking water, for Starbucks only."  People were not happy.  One person, posting on the Starbucks Hong Kong Facebook Wall insisted that they "fire the idiot who thought up" this unique solution to the water supply dilemma.

In many ways this is a perfect example of life.  One minute you are enjoying a latte while surfing the web in a hip, smoke free, wifi hotspot, living the good life.  The next you are drinking coffee made with water from a dingy bathroom, barely big enough for a sink and a urinal.  Enjoy the good times, keep your head down and try to hurry through the rough parts.  And always remember the gas pedal is on the right, and the brake is the smaller one on the left, that will save you a lot of troubles.  If there is a third pedal consult the manual, it might be decorative, what other explanation is there?