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Friday, August 23, 2013

Great new ideas for greeting cards.

Life changes rapidly, technology, advances in medical care, every day there is some new breakthrough that threatens to make everything just a little different.  Nothing is static, and while new developments can be exciting and life altering somebody needs to take into account how it affects our lives, and the way we interact with each other.  Who better than Life Explained?

People are living longer, having more birthdays, this makes each a little less special.  Maybe we should really just celebrate the odd numbered birthdays, at least after puberty.  They will mean so much more that way.  Here is a little anecdotal proof.   Recently,at the top secret Life Explained warehouse we recently celebrated the birth day of a long time staffer, who had reached the ripe old age of 56.  Gathering in the kitchen, slicing the cake, and belting out a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday" we handed the associate the card we had all so thoughtfully signed, (many quite wittily, "Wow, you are old as he!!, how did that happen?") and asked, "any comments, Bob?"  It was Bob's birthday, after all.

He replied, "Kiss my ass," then burped, and went back to work, throwing the unopened card and his piece of cake on the floor.  This probably could have been avoided had we waited until the 57th birthday to celebrate.

But, that does not mean there are no celebrations!  It is just time to reevaluate what the party is about.

After a certain age there are so many opportunities to "pop a cork" if you will, and we here at Life Explained are certainly hoping Hallmark is paying attention.

Imagine Bob's, the 56 year old birthday party pooper, surprise when he comes to work and finds a dozen donuts, a mariachi band, and all of his coworkers standing in the parking lot holding a large banner proudly proclaiming;

Don't worry, if you missed it we will play the video in the break room all day long.

But, that is not all.  Lowered serum cholesterol levels should be a cause for ice cream cake and whole milk!  Biopsy comes back negative, time for a party.  Lose a few pounds, lets have bagels.  

The possibilities are endless.  Man, we at Life Explained love technology, and the way it has improved our lives.