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Friday, August 16, 2013

Life is like a cup of coffee.

Some mornings, life and coffee just kind of stare flatly at you.  But, you have to dust yourself off, get yourself up and move on.  Sure, it seems pointless, and life seems to lack depth.  But, the show never ends and someone has to carry the load.   And you lace up your boots, and you trudge on, thinking "I can handle this, all I need is determination, and a little coffee."

Other days things are a little sunnier and life is more like an old friend, climbing from the stupor, a wry grin on it's face, saying "good morning, boy that was some day yesterday.  But, we are going to tackle all the challenges we face, and we will prevail.  Let's finish our Joe and take care of some business."  You enjoy days like this, they provide a chance to shine, and show the world your mettle, the fabric from which you are cut.  Bring on the day, you are ready.  You walk out whistling "Running Down a Dream." Tom Petty was a genius.

Of course, there are the good mornings, the mornings that give sustenance to the soul and refreshment to the mind, the mornings where life is giving you the green light to have a good time.  Life is saying to you, "hey, big boy, let's boogie."  You might even call in and take the day off.  "Heck, I just feel too good to work," you say to life, and to coffee.  "You look too good to work," coffee says back, together you hop in the car, open the sun roof and gas the stereo, "The Boys are Back in Town," by the Busboys, play it again, Siri!


Then there are the days where life is going to destroy your home, devour your loved ones, lay waste to your city, and bring the world to a screeching halt, famine, pestilence, disease and despair, everywhere.  And on those days you think, "God, I hate Monday, and I really should cut back on my caffeine."