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Monday, September 9, 2013

Don't make me tell my Mom.

As the world edges closer to the brink, and it looks increasingly desperate each day, I am often comforted by remembering the dear words of my deceased Mother.  "If you fall off of that chair and break your neck I am not taking you to the doctor until dinner is over."  Or, something like that I don't really remember, funny you would think something that was said so often would be engraved in my memory.  Anyway the point she was trying to make was risk aversion is not healthy, but accepting too much risk when it could adversely affect the well being of others is not wise, either.  My Mother was big on metaphor.

Recently, the governments of the world have been engaging in some very risk prone behavior, I won't mention names, but you know who you are.  It has become almost accepted to act irresponsibly with the lives of others.  And they are beginning to act as if they are playing a bizarre game of "Duck, duck, no you duck, you big chicken?"

Well, it is time to grow up.  We are all stuck on this one, single, small, frail, overcrowded, noisy, messy planet, and you guys are starting to make me a little uncomfortable, so please stop.

Act responsibly, work together, and smile a little, it will help everybody, and you will probably feel better about yourselves.  Thank you, with a little effort you will make my Mother proud.