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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kind of Belatedly.

Last night we celebrated Susan's Birthday, it was a glorious evening, filled with good company and delicious beer, in a glorious atmosphere, of fun, festive celebration. It took place in a popular, wonderful little neighborhood downtown. It was crowded, noisy, colorful, and fun. All of the things we love.
Occasionally, in Central Ohio weather will cooperate and when it does it may be the most
comfortable, fabulous place on Earth, last night was one of those nights. It was so nice even the frosty
mugs of beer were having fun, and helping Susan celebrate, using condensation to spell messages of joy and hope. Here is an example.

All of the people were pretending to be there as part of the football game weekend festivities, or visiting Comic Con, which was taking place somewhere close (it was sad when no one dressed as a famous, or infamous creatures from comics, movies or television was wondering about, for Susan's birthday).

But, I knew why they were there. I overheard one say "look, look, there's Susan, I told you we would see her." They were too nervous to ask for an autograph, poor common folk.

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