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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A big thanks to a fellow blogger.

It seems like forever ago when I first posted to this blog.  It was kind of on a whim and completely silly, and I felt a twinge of guilt and fear.  Immediately after posting it I closed my internet browser, and didn't look again for hours.  Finally, curiosity wouldn't let me rest, and a quick peek revealed that no one had said anything bad, no one had said anything at all, and relief washed over me.

It became intoxicating, I could post anything, and there were no repercussions.  After a while, foolish bravery got the better of me, and I told a few people about my blog, and they looked and said, "that ain't too bad."  I was giddy.  My younger cousin, who gets paid to write things (and is devastatingly handsome, almost painfully so), told me to post a link on my facebook page, and I did, and nobody said anything bad, even a few compliments, man this was so cool.  Then a friend told me it would be smart to give my blog an exclusive facebook page, since it was free, sort of easy, and mostly painless, I did.

But, I was such a rookie, a sub novice, an FNG, I wanted to see what other blogs looked like, but my lack of knowledge was so complete that I couldn't find any real blogs, sure, there were tons of blogs tied to news outlets, and fashion houses, and paid, professional blogs with corporate ties, and polished, shiny writers, producing tons of squeaky clean, company approved misinformation, (just kidding, I didn't really pay that much attention, it might have been mostly true), but that was not what I wanted.  I wanted to see people, people like me who were writing because they liked to write, or had something to say, or just wanted their "fifteen minutes of fame."  But, I had no idea how to find them.

Our tech guy, not really,
It is our tech guy's dog though.
One day, while I was discussing some very important work related things with our tech guy he told me about using Google + for a wide variety of things.  Admittedly, he is such a Google fanatic he once told me "I hope my eyesight degrades enough that I can get some Google glasses."  Not really, he didn't say that, it is just a joke. Though, I am sure he would like some Google glasses.   But, he knows a lot about computers, the internet, and other high tech, magical stuff.  He gave me a quick run down on how to use Google + and I was off.  Though, honestly I still don't understand it all that well and may have to ask him how much it costs for the intermediary course.

Soon, I was reading other people's blogs, looking into their lives, finding out what they thought, and what they found interesting.  It was like a whole new world.  I was commenting on and following all sorts of blogs, and it was great.

One person I would like to mention is +Luna Lablue who writes a fantastic blog that can be found at  It is so well written, and entertaining, and never resorts to the completely ridiculous that is my constant safety net.  This is a keenly engaging blog, and I enjoy it, a lot.  There are many very good blogs, and I single this one our for mention because the owner has nominated my blog for a Liebster Award.

I don't know much about this award, but, hey it's an award, right?  And I still remember fondly the year my slow pitch softball team gave me the "Not Much of a Hitter, but One Ace of a Drinker" plaque, well it wasn't really a plaque, more of a napkin, and looking back on our abysmal record in games, and our fantastic post game performances it was more of a team award, still it is nice to get some recognition.

Anyway, thank you Luna Lablue, and as soon as I can come up with 11 good questions, and 5 bloggers to add, I will complete the requirements.