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Friday, September 6, 2013

High Tech Happiness One Glass at a Time!

Samsung has just introduced a "smart watch," and, at $300.00 it should be pretty bright.  Somehow, the watch ties to their line of phones, so you can make calls right through your watch, maybe.  I'm not sure.  But, the watch face is pretty small, relative to watches, that is, when compared to the some of the monstrously big phones they offer the watch seems petite.  Due to the limited size of a watch face its usefulness as a computational device would seem somewhat limited.

Sometimes I have trouble typing on the virtual keyboard of my iPhone, admittedly, I am kind of big person with large fingers, and that is part of my problem, but many people have funny stories of how "auto correct spelling" and a typo caused them to send an inappropriate message detailing something distasteful, and private to a clergy person, or worse yet, their Mother.  These problems were not normally caused by typing the correct word.  

Now, imagine typing out your evening plans on the face of your watch.  OK, there is voice recognition, and that has many possibilities, but is far from perfected.

Just this week, on my way to work  "Siri, play 'Devil's Sidewalk'."

"OK, Tim, calling Satan on his land line."

What!?!?!!?  I have, over the years, indulged in some fairly risky behavior, but, it seems like that is one guy you don't want to annoy with a prank call.   "SIRI, FORTHELOVEOFGOD, HANG UP!!!!"  I screamed, almost running into the back of the police car in front of me.

"Just kidding, Tim, now playing "Devil's Right Hand."  Not what I wanted, but still a relief.

Without a convenient, reliable input device, a smart watch is just a little bitty television for watching youtube videos, as long as you have good eyesight or decent magnification, or making phone calls, but is it worth the price tag?  My watch is solar powered, has a thermometer, a compass, a stopwatch, a calendar, an alarm, syncs nightly with the Atomic Clock in Boulder, CO, plus it tells time.  And it costs less than $50.00.  Now, who has a smart watch?

Be sure to tune in next week when we discuss the advantage of Google Glasses.  We here at Life Explained are particularly excited about the introduction of the Google Beer Glasses.  Those folks at Google are doing everything they can to make life better for the common man.