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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Another problem solved, weekend edition.

Acrimonius debate in the nation's capitol has begun to boil over, cascading westward across the nation.  A wave of rancorous, vile rhetoric is sweeping over the plains, rolling over the Rockies and washing reason, moderation, and sanity into the Pacific Ocean.

One side claims that the Affordable Care Act is too expensive, and completely unnecessary.  They contend health care is widely available, and people are happier with the existing options.  Opposing that view are claims that the law addresses a critical need, and will quickly save the country much more than it costs, by helping health care providers lower costs, avoid defaults, by providing routine, preventative care, and reducing the need to use the emergency room as primary care, and curtailing many catastrophic illnesses.

It is easy to see that this problem is too complex, too difficult, too confusing to be trusted to our elected officials.  So, we at Life Explained have come up with a simple, yet elegant solution.  One that promises to solve the health care problem and possibly the budget deficit, and potentially the stagnant job growth puzzle.

It is widely known that Canada supplies health care at greatly reduced rates, and it is right next door.  It will start modestly with buses running vacationers/patients from northern states across the border.  Once there they can have some donuts, watch some hockey, grab a beer and get their yearly physical.  

It is only a matter of time before we can charter some planes and move the operation south.  

Of course there will be some cases that are too difficult to make the long trip.  Fear not, we have thought of that.  In those cases we will provide transportation for a qualified Canadian specialist.  We can make it a big deal.  "You have won an all expenses paid trip to sunny Florida.  This trip includes three meals a day at the Sunset Village cafeteria, and free bingo tokens, enough for your whole family.  Plus, round trip airfare to wonderful Fort Myers, Florida, (Motto, Where he East Half of the US

goes to Retire).  Please bring your supplies and equipment."

As the enormous profits begin to pour in the next step is obvious, cruises.  "Please join us for a delightful cruise to the luxurious resorts of Victoria, British Columbia.  Enjoy the beauty of Galloping Goose Regional Trail, the rustic majesty of Beacon Hill Park, and stop by one of Victoria's best kept secrets, The Fishermans Wharf and enjoy a wonderful, authentic seafood meal prepared in a traditional manner, by real Canadians. Then get your gall bladder removed at one of the many fine hospitals in the area.  A perfect way to end an enchanted evening."

Of course, all of these trips, and the logistics requiried is going to require significant staffing.  Conservatively we estimate we will need half of the country in our employ.

As soon as word of this spreads to the EU and the rest of the world they will be trampling all over each other to get in line to ride our Wellness Wagons to the great north, tourism dollars will be pouring into the Canadian economy, health and prosperity will spread around the world, and we can move on to more important problems, like mail delivery on Saturday.

Now, was that so difficult?