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Monday, October 21, 2013

Turning back the hands of time.

My sons are fine, strong, young men.  Talented, charming, tall, and exceptionally bright.  I bask in the glow of their abilities to carry on conversations, and delight in their finely tuned sense of humor, I am a little intimadated by their ability to perform complex mathematics, in fact the calculator they use in class looks as complicated as the Space Shuttle Control Panel to me.  They are everything my poor, long suffering Mother hoped I would be.  They are wonderful, intelligent, accomplished examples of how even a lackluster father can have hope for the future.

It was only recently that I have developed an obsessive interest in technology.  I have photos of everything on my phone and they update automatically to my iPad, and I love it.  Sadly, that technology was not widely available when my sons, the upstanding young adults, were babies.  Yes, we have prints, and that is nice, but how I wish there had been an iSometing with a digital camera in my trembling, loving hands when they were infants.

Hey, don't blame me, it was your Mom's idea.
But, there wasn't.  However, with the help of several new apps, recently added to my evergrowing arsenal of time wasting technology I can take a recent picture and make my sons look small, like I will always remember them.

Here is a picture of my little children standing next to an average sized shovel and broom.  This picture was taken quite recently and my wife and I just love it.  Aren't they just adorable?  So small, and cute, standing next to that door, it just looks gigantic, doesn't it?  Small children are so sweet.

I had to smudge out their faces to protect the innocent, me.  They would not find this amusing at all.  And kids can be so cruel.  No one needs that.