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Monday, October 14, 2013

Undercover In Sin City.

With the economic downturn of the last decade, followed by the sequestration, and culminating in the government shutdown we here at Life Explained were consumed with the corrosive impact this would have on great American institutions.  After a lengthy discussion we could only think of one.  Las Vegas.  And after another, even lengthier discussion, several rounds of "Rock-Paper-Scissors" (in which everybody was disqualified for playing "Giant Spider" where you quickly cover your opponents coffee cup with your hand, and knock it over in their lap, technically we felt this was cheating) it was decided none of us was feeling foolish enough to fly.  We sent long time friend of,  and contributor to, the blog, Susan to investigate.

We made her sign the standard Waiver, of course, and then we rushed out and took out a large life insurance policy on her.  Hey, Susan is a gambler, she understands.

Poor, brave Susan, we will miss her. 

 Susan has sent back alarming news, it seems the whole city has been taken over by Ancient Rome.  This is shocking, we knew things were going to slip a little with the government shutdown, and everything.  But, this is worse than we imagined.  Of course, one time we saw something a little bit like this on Star Trek, and that turned out OK, thanks to Captain Kirk, and a little kicking of the behind.  And Susan is on the job, and she is very resourceful, we are not sure how she stacks up to Captain Kirk, but she did get on an airplane, more or less willingly, we think.  So, maybe all is not lost.

"Who you calling ancient, pal?