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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving, wake me when it's time for desert.

It is Thanksgiving, and as so many people wake up, have their morning libation, look lovingly on family, home and life, and ponder that age old question, to shop or not to shop today.

It is being debated venomously, angrily all over the facebook pages of United States citizens,  "Like this if you think Thanksgiving day shoppers should rot for all eternity. comment if you are one of the godless, blatant consumerists that are going to ignore your loved ones and all that is holy and go shopping."

Which side of this timeless debate are you going to take?  To thine own self be true.

The Columbus Dispatch has reported one respondent as saying, "if my guests got up and left early to shopping their next Thanksgiving dinner (would) not be at my house."

Bully for you, Mr. M##@#@ski of the Northeast side!  It is time we take a stand.

If you have people over and they say they are going shopping duct tape them to their chair, feed them some pie, a glass of wine and turn on the football game.  That, my friends is what Thanksgiving is all about.

Pie, wine, football, leftovers, and falling asleep right in your chair, after changing into the stretchy pants.  And thinking, I am so full, wait are there any of those little rolls left.

"Hey, somebody want to get me a couple of those rolls, put some turkey, and stuffing on it, and pour some gravy  over the top of the whole thing?  I could use a beer, too."   You scream, right before falling asleep.

But, greed, and avarice are threatening our afternoon naps, friends.   Using the pretense of fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas several large chains have decided to move Black Friday to Thanksgiving Thursday.   We need to boycott this, ignore this desperate attempt to separate us from our money.  We need to prove to retailing giants that we are smarter than that.  Or if you are going to go, would you get me a piece of pie first, with some extra whipped cream.  And, maybe a blanket, and a pillow.