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Sunday, April 6, 2014

A new honor, a very honorable honor.

This morning I was watching CBS Sunday Morning, it is a great show, not too heavy, some news, some entertainment, some commentary, a good way to start Sunday.  Following Sunday Morning is Face The Nation, a very topical show, dealing with politics, politicians and very important things.  Normally, I only watch this show during presidential campaigns, because it can make presidential politics extremely entertaining.  But, it is not really the show we want to discuss.

There was a commercial for Face The Nation, advertising it as the "#1 Sunday Public Affairs Show." Probably a well deserved honor, it is the only Sunday Public Affairs show I remember watching.  But, it is kind of a narrow definition.  However, you can't blame them, an award is an award.

With that in mind, though it humbles us, we here at Life Explained, are humbly honored to accept this fantastic honor.

We are not worthy, well maybe a little.