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Friday, April 4, 2014

It could be worse, but I don't know how.

In a very disturbing, fast breaking development, it has come to my attention there has been a remarkable lack of spider related news on the blog recently.  Certainly not because spiders have not been going out of the way to cause problems.  They are popping up everywhere, scaring the living bejesus out of people, and causing problems from the UK to the Outback.  Well, it might not actually be in the "Outback" proper, but it is in Australia, which is where they Outback is.

Recently, according to the Gympie Times, in Gympie Australia, (located where Mary Valley Road merges with Bruce Highway) redback spiders are becoming so numerous, they "are becoming a nuisance." See for your self.

A Queensland Health spokesman said in 2013 there were 83 snake and spider bites reported to local emergency departments, 42 of those were snake bites, and 41 were spider bites.  By contrast in 2012 there were 32 snake bites and 34 spider bites.

Obviously, the spiders are unhappy about losing the lead in the crucial "reported bites" score over the course of a year.  It is only natural they are seeking a competitive advantage.  But, it may be more than that.

Robert Raven claims that redback spiders can eat anything from a "mouse up to a snake."   To recap, these spiders eat snakes.  I don't know about you, but that to me is a very disturbing bit of knowledge.  The only thing worse is if they started carrying guns.

In essence, these spiders are not just going to be content with recording more bites, they have taken the latest setback personally and are out for revenge.  Which may spell big trouble for Australian snakes, and everybody else.