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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Entrepreneurship at it's finest.

Sometimes you see things that are so unique, so ingenious, so revolutionary that you feel like screaming to the world, "hey, take a look at this!"  Not very often, of course.  If you saw something that unique everyday soon it would not be so unique anymore and would become pedestrian, and everyday.  There is a line that unique things should not cross if they want to be noticed, and talked about.  So, here is a good rule of thumb, only see truly unique things once a week, and try to schedule them on Tuesday or Thursday, those are what we call the "Days desperately in need of help."  Sure, sometimes you can squeeze something unique in on Tuesday, and Thursday, but don't do it too often, or they will start to suffer...  But, that is another blog post (note to self; blog post about scheduling spontaneous occurrences,what is the optimal frequency?).

Anyhoo, the other night I was driving home, I think it was Thursday, and saw this truck in a couple of lanes over.  And it struck me, this was the perfect "business model."  The redistribution of commodities and resources.  These people cared little for your predicament, a paucity of dirt, or an abundance, they were there to help.

People in the city don't really understand dirt.  Even in a moderately sized city like Columbus, OH dirt is not really common.  The suburbs dirt are not really any different, dirt is just not very well understood. You might walk past somebody planting a garden, and ask "hey, is that dirt?"

"Why, yes, it is the finest dirt, mined deep in the rain forest of Central Asia, and on Sale at Bob's Nursery only $25.99 for a 10 pound bag."

But, my family fought the hard scrabble life of farmers in the Heartland, so I know from whence I speak regarding dirt.  And this guy has the right idea!

I rushed home, grabbed my shovel, walked all around my house, and unfortunately I had no extra dirt, and even more troubling, had no need for any.  I had the optimal amount of dirt, I was "dirt neutral."  And to make matters worse it didn't need moved around, my dirt was all in the appropriate place.  It made me very sad to call the good people at 614-555-dirt, and tell them I had no dirt needs whatsoever.  They sounded very positive, and upbeat, but I think it was a facade, smiling through the tears, sort of thing.