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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Now is the spring time of our discontent.

Made glorious summer by this sun of diamonds.  Sorry, Shakespeare was always distant, and barely accessible to my meager intellect.  To clarify, now basketball season is over, and we are in the sports void of summer.  There are plenty of people who love baseball, soccer, and golf, and I drink to their health, but I am not one of them.  I am sure they will enjoy all of the games, tournaments, and Viagra and testosterone commercials.  Come on, enough is probably too much, I am not a prude, but televised sports becomes a non-stop parade of innuendo and suggestion.  "Viagra, the official medicine of television."

To recap the season, and tournament, early in the season my favorite teams lost some games, and I was sad, then they won some games and I was happy.  Then the tournament came, and my team (the Cornhuskers) lost in the first round, so I went to my backup team (the Louisville Cardinals) and they lost in the regional quarterfinals.  Quickly, I chose a team to root for (Iowa State), and they lost.  I jumped on the Dayton Flyer bandwagon right before it crashed, and burned, and left me in the lurch.  Go Badgers, Wisconsin was an easy choice, they are red and white, and I have a lot of red shirts, so here we go, all the way to the promise land.  But, they got beat.

Since, I am a long time Louisville fan I could not root for Kentucky, it is anathema to us Cardinals, so I chose U Conn (even though they don't wear red), and they won, and we celebrated, and it was great.  What a great season, my team (sort of) won it all.
I knew they could do it!
And with that, we end this years edition of Basketball Explained, and we move onto mowing and raking and gardening and working long hours for free explained.