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Saturday, May 17, 2014

It is time to to take charge

Saturday, the day the forces of evil retreat, regroup, heal their wounded, and re provision themselves for their next campaign.  Yes, it has been a long week of terrible, pitched battles, but mankind has prevailed again.  It is a battle as old as time, at least since time was divided into weekdays and weekends.

Right now they are growing stronger, healthier, and massing for a new offensive.  They are rearming and preparing a renewed assault.  The medics of evil are healing forces wounded in the battle for work week supremacy.  It was a desperate battle of epic proportions, and both sides were grievously wounded.

In what has become a remarkably repetitive maneuver the forces of oppressive work week tyranny have slipped away to a secret location in the mountains of payroll, productivity, and supply, and demand.  

We, here at Life Explained, believe this cycle has to stop, and are mounting an expeditionary force to find the weekday demons in their lair and eliminate them once and for all.   We are going to strike out and hit the enemy where he feels safest, in his weekend retreat.  It is time to crush the monsters who haunt our Monday through Fridays from 8:00 to 5:00 with the occasional evening, and sometimes an early morning.  We are going to take the battle to them, smashing them and destroying their sense of security, and safety.

But, not this early, it is Saturday after all.  Nobody wants to start that early on Saturday, besides, we are getting ready to pop open a few beers and throw some ribs on the grill, maybe after that, unless we decide to take a nap, or get a movie.