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Friday, May 16, 2014

A Historic Picnic, or How To Bring A Company Together.

When one considers the resounding success of the new accounting software (people only lost their jobs temporarily, and nobody was killed, though it was close a few times) we here at Life Explained have decided to have a company picnic for Memorial Day.

We haven't tried anything that bold since the disastrous Halloween Extravaganza of 2010.  Honestly, who would have thought that the Edgar vs Jacob division was so strong, and could be so violent.  It took weeks to clean up the hall we had rented, and several members of the board of directors are still on probation, but at least they have finished all of their community service, (including the CFO, who ran over the mayor with his motorized scooter claiming to have been blinded by Lycanthropic rage).  We are all much more mature now, though.

Of course, every good picnic needs a theme, and we have decided on Great Leaders Throughout History.  Everybody will pick their favorite statesman from any period, and try to bring something representative of their choice.  If a person chose Napoleon for example, they could bring french bread, or if they had a mind to be a little more whimsical, they could bring cake!

People really seem to be warming up to the challenge.  Even Jay and all of the guys from the Graphics Arts Department, who are normally not keen on taking part in anything that involves mingling with coworkers are almost giddy with the prospect of coming as Genghis Khan, and a Mongol Horde.  They are pretending to stock pile horses, bows and arrows, and sometimes you can even hear them pretending to sharpen spears and swords as you walk past the studio, it sounds so realistic.

When asked what he intends to bring to the picnic, Jay just laughs and says "the heads of my enemies on sticks (we are guessing that this is some sort of cake pop thing), all will feel the wrath of the flail of God, and be scattered and purged across the land, and maybe a pasta salad with fun, animal shaped pasta."

We are all very excited, and looking forward to a glorious day, we have rented an area at the local metro park and the weather should be wonderful.  If you are not busy stop by, there will be plenty of food, and maybe some cake pops.