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Monday, May 5, 2014

See you in court, buddy.

Lately I have been listening to several different history podcasts, (any of you in the Life Explained Nation who happen to know my wife are forbidden to tell her, she already thinks I'm kind of a geek, and needs no more ammunition, she already has NPR (National Public Radio), PRI (Public Radio International), CoC (Clash of Clans) countless apps on several touch screen devices, and a variety of stylus's (stylii?) with which to manipulate them, besides she is kind of a bully) seeking some Explanation of Life.

I haven't found it yet, but, am pursuing several leads down a variety of avenues, and back roads, and alleyways, and canals that pass for streets in some parts of the world, cart paths, in areas still to discover the joys of highway travel and sidewalks, bike paths and parking lots all over the dammed place.  I have not really worked out the answers yet, but have noticed several things.
  1. No matter how hard mankind tries to infuse the present situation with a special sense of importance and relevance things seem to cycle through fairly predictable patterns.  Prior to almost every momentous, or catastrophic occurrence a group of people convinced a much larger group of people that the only choice was to follow them blindly.
  2. The Renaissance was no picnic.  It may have been an improvement, but wow, people could be pretty brutal, even in times of "artistic enlightenment."
  3. Technology is a blessing and a curse, even something that seems so beneficial as the printing press can be revolutionary, and can bring terrible consequences.  Think what Martin Luther could have accomplished with an iPhone and social networking.
  4. As a race we are very good at improvising, and inventing, but not so keen on considering and controlling the outcomes.  Somehow, we have always managed to assume that things will work out, and we are in control.
It seems mankind has a real propensity for self importance, and large scale destruction.  Of course, there were probably some good things happening through history, but it was probably just an accident, somebody probably turned the wrong lever while trying to create a more powerful, incendiary explosive, and by a completely unusual turn of events, accidentally developed the pizza oven.

There is probably some new storm of human machination brewing just beyond the horizon right now, and it will kick over the apple cart and cause all sorts of problems, and we will all think, "wow, that was awful," but that will be the end of it.  We may be dancing on the edge right now, and not even realize.  One thing is fairly certain, as long as we are in charge of our own destiny things look bleak.  Animals and plants all over are waiting impatiently for our demise, and hoping we don't take them with us.

Right now, I am assembling an indictment against humanity.  We will be bringing charges against the human race from the beginning of recorded history, and possibly before if we can find any reliable eye witnesses.  Depending on your particular relationship with humanity you might want to retain legal council.