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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A very funny man, who made a small mistake.

I feel kind of bad about doing this, but +Mike Raven, in what can only be considered a terrible lack of judgement, possibly caused by pre-vacation pressure, has agreed to let me write a guest post for his blog, THE BLOG OF THOG.  It was, until today a very well written blog, about life, and family, and technology, and really the whole experience of living, today it took a step backward, a little stumble on the evolutionary ladder, if you will.  But, Mike will bounce back, strong, and sharp, and ready to blog, after vacation.

But, don't blame Mike, he is still very funny, and has a blog I read and recommend, as do 4 out 5 dentists, many of the top people in almost every industry imaginable and Doctor Dawg, our resident genius.

Here is my post, Don't blame Mike, he was just being polite.