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Friday, June 20, 2014

Flying, or Getting From Here to There With a Busload of Strangers.

Flying, a method of transportation that dates back farther than anyone can remember, for thousands of years it has been the preferred method of travel for birds, some insects, certain types of squirrels, bats (and balls).  There was even a dinosaur that grew wings and flew. It is worth noting that many, many, very, very knowledgeable scientists (well, maybe not that many) believe this may led to the extinction of this once proud, noble, ground moving species.

Imagine the first few tentative feet.  Clumsy, awkward, and uncertain, the lumbering beast manages to stay in the air long enough to experience the thrill of flight.  In a very short time it is circling gracefully, majestically, climbing, banking, sailing through the air, charging $7.00 for a Bud Light!!!  That's just robbery!!!  Pretty soon the whole dinosaur kingdom was up in arms, revolting against long lines, brutal security checks, rude attendants....  Oops, sorry, we will cover this in much more detail in our upcoming smash hit blog series "The History of Flight, or Why Do Think They Invented Parachutes, Anyway?

What we are here to discuss today is a particular airline.  Southwest Airlines.  Regular readers, friends, strangers in airports who happened to be unfortunate enough to be near me in airports understand my feeling about flying, I am not a fan.  But, Southwest Airlines carried my blind friend all the way from Omaha, NE to Columbus, OH and back again, and didn't lose him, even for a few seconds, and considering his predilection for wondering off in the blink of an eye, even when told "you wait right here, and don't move," (turning back around you find that somehow he has wandered into the alligator exhibit) that is quite an accomplishment.

Plus, they treated him with kindness, and made him feel comfortable, and got him from gate to gate with the care of a family member.  While we were waiting for him to board this morning the man from the counter came over and asked him about his transfer in Chicago, and whether he wanted to ride in a wheel chair or to walk.

Everything was handled with dignity, and care, and I hope this makes it into the hands of someone at Southwest who has some authority.  My whole family thanks you.