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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hey, You Should Stop By, Tell Them Hello.

As many of you may know our vacation was over about two weeks ago.  It was a good time, and we had a lot of fun, ate a little too much, exercised a little too little, and enjoyed a cold beer or two, well maybe more.  Of course we put on a little weight.  But, we tried new places and new things and found some things we will try, or enjoy again, on our next trip to the Smoky Mountains.

As is normally the case, while looking for something we took a wrong turn, or missed a turn, or drove past what we seeking, or did not go far enough, anyway, for some reason we did not reach our original goal.  As is so often the case we found something unusual, wonderful, and fun.

Along a road that runs out of Pigeon Forge (I am not sure what direction, left if you are heading for Gatlinburg, how about that?) is a little treasure, beside a small prize, hidden behind a privacy fence.  It looks a little odd as you drive past, and it seems a little exclusive as you walk in.  But, don't be discouraged, it is a jewel.

If you are traveling on Wears Valley Road, and want a cold beer, a snack, and a fantastic experience, you should stop into "Friendly Falls, Food and Stuff."  It is a tiny place and almost impossible to resist if you have any sense of adventure.

There is little in the way of seating, and what is there faces scenery that really makes you believe you are in a magical place.  the Falls part is provided by nature, and it is gorgeous.  The water runs over the rock and almost dances with delight at being in such a wonderful place.  It is beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing.

You need to go inside and order for yourself, but even that is part of the fun, it is filled with little trinkets and treasures, and stuff.  The beer selection is plentiful, and served cold, plus they loan you a can insulating "cozy" so it stays that way.  The food is delicious, and unique.  We had the loaded fries, and they were wonderful, and "loaded" and worth the price.  We also had chicken wings, but my companions made sure I did not get the opportunity to try those.

They have live music, and it would be an ideal place to listen to an acoustic act, but we did not find this until we were almost ready to leave town, and did not get the opportunity.  Next year, I hope to tell you how delightful that was.

The Friendly part is provided by the help, the counter person, who is probably the owner, had a charming sense of humor, and a keen memory for names, and the charisma of a television evangelist.  She could sparkle and insult, and laugh, and tell stories, and make you believe she was interested in what you had to say.  I would probably vote for her if she ran for office.

If you get the chance stop in for a snack, a drink and a moment, you will enjoy all three.