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Monday, June 23, 2014

Now, We Have Proof!

I have a niece who lives in Texas, she is educated, intelligent, and successful, also, she asked I not include the city in which she lives, she doesn't want you guys dropping by for lunch, after all.  At some point she became a "camper."  Oddly enough, and this really has nothing to do with this story, she is one of two nieces that have become campers.  What really makes this odd is; when they were younger it always seemed like you would need a pry bar and a couple of strong men to separate either of them from their blow dryers, curling irons, and hair spray, now they head off to the wild with nothing more than a camping stove, a tent, a couple of flashlights, an air mattress, a battery operated microwave, a refrigerator that plugs into the lighter outlet on the car, just kidding, I don't really know what they take camping, but I am sure they go without a microwave.

Anyway, to make a long story short, if that is still possible, my niece, the camper, who lives in Texas, not the other one, the camper, who doesn't live in Texas, decided they were going camping in New Mexico and asked her many Facebook friends, fans, family, followers, and hanger-ons for suggestions.  Of course, being the inquisitive, curious type I immediately suggested Roswell.  For one thing I am working on exposing the great cover up that our government has been foisting upon society since... well, for a long time anyway.

This was a perfect opportunity for a fact finding, information gathering mission, led by an educated, intelligent, successful person, who was not going to charge any money.  We are running on the narrowest of margins here.

It was with great anticipation we waited for the camping trip and the treasure chest of evidence it would provide.  Imagine our delight when she replied, "No thanks, Tim, we are afraid of the aliens."

At long last proof positive provided by an educated, intelligent, successful person who maintains friends, followers and fans on Facebook!  She would hardly be afraid of something that did not exist.  That would just be silly.

Remember you heard it here first, unless you subscribe to my nieces Facebook page that is