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Friday, July 18, 2014

Building, and the Chance for Exploitation.

They are "tearing down" the parking lot next to us and constructing a building.  It is a fascinating process to watch.  They assembled a temporary fence around the parking lot, then bought in a huge excavator, and tore up the asphalt.  One worker was operating the machine, clawing up the pavement, and the other watching.  That is one getting over job, standing there watching somebody maneuver a tractor, but it would get very dull very quickly, plus, in direct opposition to well established stereotype, he did not even have a shovel handle to lean on.  Maybe it is part of a fitness initiative, "leave the shovel in the truck, tone up, trim down, live longer."

In an effort to reduce the risks associated with construction jobs workers are now required to wear bright neon shirts, or vests, and hard hats.  So these men, surrounded by chain link fence, tearing up a parking lot, with nothing above them but sky are safe.  From what?  There is a shirt that said "if I were a bird I know who I would poop on."  That makes me laugh every time I think about it.  Honestly, I would need to give it some thought, before I picked the target, if I were a bird, but it would not be one the poor man standing there watching his "co-worker" rip apart the parking lot with a tractor, he has enough problems.  Besides, his head is protected, he has a hard hat.

Once in a while men show up in shiny blue jeans, and button down shirts, normally they have the cuffs rolled up, and they look pretty official, it is obvious they are not there to tear anything up.  They point randomly around the destruction that used to be a parking lot, sweeping motions that might embrace the whole block, I worry for our parking lot.  Suddenly, they realize there is a tree across the street, and they scurry over to stand under the leafy branches, and it is not clear if it is for shade or protection, since they are not wearing hard hats, it would muss their stylishly combed hair.

Anyway, I have decided to take advantage of the opportunity provided by fate, and Verizon wireless.  I am going to take a picture at random times during the day, sometimes once, sometimes more, and at some point I am going to assemble these photos in an animation app I have on my iPad, and put the whole thing to music, and then post it on here.  Aren't you lucky?

If you have a preference for the song, or type of music, let me know, and if I can come up with nothing better I will use your suggestion.  And as an added bonus, I will give you credit for the choice in the opening and closing scenes of the video.  Aren't you lucky.