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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Facebook, Social Media, Or An Excuse For International Incident.

There has been widespread criticism of Facebook for using their platform to perform cryptic psychological experiments on users.  Though, it is unsure what they were doing or why.  A more sinister aspect of this giant, monstrous social conglomerate is the complete control they are beginning to exercise over most of the free world.   To that end, we here at Life Explained hqve teamed with The Blog of Thog (who still has great hair) to discuss, and display the many facets of Facebook, and their quest for world domination.

Facebook has become a pandemic, people of all ages use the service to share recipes, one person we know, here at Life Explained is an avid 87 year old Facebook user.  She shares pictures, recipes, jokes, and her life in a small midwest town.  She is funny, spry and technically savvy, and she is not alone.  We think she is wonderful, and her posts are some or our favorites.  

Almost every one we, here at Life Explained, know, and every one you know uses Facebook and often they all share the same cartoons.   It is not unusual to see the same little joke picture (meme for power users) repeated by dozens of people so your newsfeed looks like a copier gone awry.  We don't really mind psychological experiments but we wish Facebook would limit the number of times we have to see the same picture, please, for the love of all that is holy. make it stop.

Obviously, Facebook will not be happy until it has taken over the whole world,  until we are all sharing all of the detials of our life, no matter how mundane.  It is a creeping, inexorable menace.

We, here at Life Explained have provided visual evidence of the Facebook Phenomenon, and for this we owe an apology to Mike, (the Thog, from The Blog of Thog) for the amazing lack of talent displayed in this attachment.  But, it is a learning process, and a brand new app.  But, it shows startling proof of the peril we all face.  

 And, for further proof, please join me in a trans Atlantic journey to the The Fantastic Blog of Thog and prepare yourself, for the coming Facebook Occupation, oh, and check out his advice for wearing a basket, it might come in handy.