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Saturday, July 26, 2014

How to write a successful blog.

Many people have come to me, (actually nobody has, but I have to write an introduction and this works the best) asking what does it take to be a successful blogger, and I give them all the same answer.  How should I know, but if I ever meet one I will find out (though, the first thing I would ask is "how do you measure success as a blogger).  I probably won't share it, though,  that might allow others to cut in on my future success as a blogger.

But, here are the steps I follow to write a blog post;

1.  Clean your glasses, how do they even get this dirty?  It looks like somebody dumped a teaspoon full of mud on my glasses and it has dried into a little desert scene.  I swear, if my eyes were not so bad I could see little plants beginning to grow on the lenses.  It is amazing that I could see at all.  Clean glasses are the key to a happy life, and a decent blog post.
Coffee,  It is a friend. 

2. Have some coffee, coffee is a gift from the gods.  It provides the ability to link seemingly unrelated things and make connections that might, to a non coffee drinker, seem a little unusual.  But, that is what this blog thrives on, random, contrived connections between diverse, unrelated ideas.  We here, at Life Explained take pride in our ability to forge ad hoc, rickety connections, and enjoy coffee.   The sign at the right is courtesy of "First Watch" a restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch, and does both remarkably well.  And, their coffee is exceptional, and exceptionally generous in supply as well.  If I spent more time at "First Watch" I would be one heck of a blogger.

3. Start with a title, sentence, or picture, and just type like a demon.  Don't worry too much about content, it is probably in there somewhere, you might have to go back and dig it out, and refine it, and support it, and polish it up a bit, but it is probably in there.  If it isn't start a new one and let the draft marinate.  You probably have several drafts, and they are going to be posts someday, they are just waiting for the hidden treasure to come to the surface.

All in all, I think, in all honesty, if you have fun writing your posts, (and, I do) and a few people look at them, (and, I hope they do), and it provides a release for your anxiety, fears, and hysteria (and, it does) then you are a very successful blogger, and I raise my coffee cup and toast you all.  Cheers.