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Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Computer, New Tablet, Surface Pro 3 Does It All.

We here, Life Explained, have stepped into the future.  We needed a new computer, as our youngest son is getting ready to go back to school, and our old computer was ancient, it is probably seven or eight years old.  In computer age that is too old to believe, too old to use, even too old to donate.  It was so clogged with files, music, strata, upon layer, tier, years of our family life, piled onto an spinning disk.

In a way it would be fun to look back at the things we have filled the storage with, a scrapbook of family times, and memories.  But, it takes forever to start, and loading a file is like a dental visit painful, lengthy, and remarkably unsatisfying.  

We bought the New Microsoft Surface Pro 3, it is a remarkable machine, lightning quick, with 256 GB of storage, an Intel Core i5 Processor, which means almost nothing to me, but man this thing is pretty cool, I will post pictures soon.  I will post pictures of everybody in the family holding the new computer.  But, I will wait until everybody has been awake for a while.

People might be thinking, "you are an Apple user, Tim, why Microsoft?"  Great question, people.  I am an Apple user, but there was a time I thought an Apple product would never darken the sunny day of my narrow minded life.  I even had two Zunes, and really liked them, but when they gave up the line and my son bought his first iPod it was clear Apple had taken the lead in the "small, hand held, gaming, music listening, picture taking and manipulation devices."  

And from my first iPod, to my iPad, and on to my iPhone I have been happy with each.  They have been computational troopers beyond compare, and I still have, use and love them all, well not so much the iPod, I still have and love it, but it doesn't get that much use.  I am trying to convince my wife to use it as a camera, a facebook device, and to assist in her shopping wars, it is a slow process.

When it was time to replace the computer, we needed something that ran Microsoft Office, and something that was still at least a little cool, and this baby is it.  It is a robust, full fledged computer, that acts like a robust, full fledged tablet.  With a great deal of flexibility in both.  Also, it is a good looking little machine, sleek lines, and a brushed aluminum shell, that looks great with the keyboard, sold separately, of course.  Another ingenious device, the detachable key board is powered by the computer.  One less thing to charge

The Microsoft Store is filled with intriguing apps, and it seems that app shoppers are much fussy through Microsoft, than Apple, I downloaded "Imagecut" it had an average of three stars, and it is the easiest photo cutting app I have ever used.  I see big things for my friends, trips to Europe, and possibly Europa, keep your eyes open.

Having had this wonderful device less than 24 hours I can tell you it is going to be a valuable member of the family for quite a while.  If you are thinking about getting a new PC, and want something that is fun, fast, flexible, and just cool, think about the Surface Pro, I am happy, admittedly not a power user, but an apprentice geek, and that should count for something.