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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A list, people love lists.

Interesting Facts, (well maybe they are not interesting, and some of them are probably not facts) A List.

  1. If you are going to try to tune up your car mark the spark plug wires, apparently they have to go in some sequence, and the tow truck operators find this hilarious.
  2. "Bloody Marys" are not considered a serving of vegetables by most doctors.  We will let you know about the fruit value of a "Screwdriver."
  3. Nostradamus, in an ancient text, predicted all of the Super Bowl winners up until last year.  I wish I had read the book earlier.  Dangit!!!
  4.  All of the continents used to be combined into one Super Continent called Pangaea, but it broke up.  It wasn't you, though, it was us.
  5. "Rock and Roll" by Lou Reed, from the album "Rock and Roll Animal" will last almost all of the way from where I get on the freeway to work, if traffic is light.  
  6. Lou Reed really was a Rock and Roll Animal.
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Thank you, and have a nice day, that's an order.