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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hey, really good news.

Party Time!
To all of you people who asked the question, "oh sure, he can type, but can he write?"  Well, the answer is still "probably not."  But, the fantastically intelligent, web savvy, way ahead of their time, convenience providing people at have been so kind as to post this wonderful little thing I threw together just the other day.  My Very First Real Review!  So, if you are trying to find "just the right thing," head over to, the slogan says it all, "Why search when you can find?"

For those of you keeping score at home this is the second piece published.  This may not qualify as viral, or even bacterial, but it is at least anemic, and possibly "working from home, ill."

 It has been such a long journey from my childhood, raised in the woods of Kentucky, scraping by, barely having enough to eat.  Working my way, slowly and painfully across Indiana, to Chicago, where I rose through the ranks of local and state politics to eventually become the President of the Unit...  Wait, that wasn't me, that was Abraham Lincoln.

Anyway, I would like to thank +Mike Raven of the The Blog Of Thog, who told me about the wonderful, generous, keenly intellectual people at  And the keenly intellectual people of, who may be kind enough to accept another post, (so buy all of your stuff through that sight), and Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president, who once said, "wow, getting your picture on paper money, now that's class."