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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Act now, or live in misery.

There are a number of things that successful, organized people have in common. Traits, and characteristics, and quirky little behaviors that make them unique and extraordinary.

 For one thing they like to use a lot of conjunctions, but they aren't crazy about using periods, because once the brilliance starts flowing they are reluctant to shut it off, and would prefer to let it flow to the masses, unhindered, and unencumbered,  and in all of the raw power and beauty they feel as they put fingers to keyboard.

They drink a lot of coffee, excuse me while I fill my mug, would anybody like a cup of coffee.  No, hmm, I see, not a coffee drinker.

One thing they like to do early on is get a sidekick.  Somebody smart, maybe a PhD, who doesn't mind taking a few risks, doing something a little dangerous, exposing themselves to danger, and difficulties, and adverse conditions with nothing more than a good idea and a comfortable pillow.

In short, if you want to be wildly successful, fantastically wealthy, and happy beyond your wildest dreams don't waste your time working hard, getting an education, and clawing your way to the top, that is for saps, and people who don't read blogs.

Just buy the "The Life Explained Keys to Fabulous Success for Dummies, or Idiots, it Doesn't Matter to Us."  For only $19.95 (20 degrees Celsius) you can be happy, healthy and rich beyond your wildest dreams.  Act now and we will throw in "The Guide To Gourmet Microwaving With Chef Bob, the Accountant."  Hurry, we only have a couple left.