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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wow, this is different.

Something has gone terribly right.  It is an inexplicable, unforeseen, unbelievable occurrence.  Looking back we have found no evidence of anything remotely similar to this ever happening.  We are not even sure of the best way to report on something so unusual, something so unlikely, something heretofore unseen in the world.  So, we will just come right out and tell you.

Central Ohio weather is wonderful right now, and is predicted to stay that way for the next week.  Yes, believe it or not, our weather is almost heavenly, cool, comfortable nights, warm, dry days.  It is as if the "Paradise Vortex," has come to Columbus, and it has brought a wave of pleasantness never before seen.

Historians are scrambling to find anything similar and are at a complete loss.  Meteorologists are confounded by reporting things people actually want to hear.  Biblical scholars are uncertain of the portent, but are pretty sure that it spells big trouble.

There is scientific evidence that this current front of uncommonly wonderful weather is improving attitudes, and providing a general sense of well being throughout the region.  Please see scientifically accurate chart.

What the future holds is anybodies guess, certainly anything is possible, and there is no reason to believe that this aberration is not the opening salvo of a brutal, terrible winter, but hey I am going to enjoy it while I have the chance.  Kick scooter, here I come, look for pictures right here, later today!