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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scotland, and the future of the world.

Voters in Scotland are deciding on sovereignty today.  Tomorrow the landscape of the world may change, and there may be a brand new country.  In a way it is kind of exciting, countries are normally born through violent upheaval, terrible strife, conflict, and bloodshed.  They come in to the world screaming for justice, and demanding respect.  But, if this happens it will be with all of the decorum of a typical United Kingdom event.  Though, it may not be as united as once imagined.  There are a few nagging questions, what currency will be used, will the price of really good Scotch whisky go up, can they be persuaded to add an "e" to whisky, and what about Scotland Yard, won't that be a little awkward?

Recently, several educated, recognizable, and respected residents of Texas have made bold statements concerning seceding from the United States.  Essentially declaring independence, and becoming a nation unto itself.  This may be hyperbole, and just a ploy to express dismay at the actions of the Federal Government.  But, Texans are notorious for thinking big, and this should be considered a real possibility.  This, too, raises a few questions.  

Would it be better to erase a star from all of the flags, the cost of this could be astronomical?  Or should the US try to pick up another state?  Perhaps the Canadians would not mind giving up Ontario.  There is a shared border of 1,678 miles between Ontario, and the US, which makes it like a state already.  Plus, they could, possibly, explain this whole metric thing to Americans, and that most mythical of beasts "the balanced budget."  Ontario may require more cooperation than most Canadians are willing to provide, but, they probably would not mind handing over New Brunswick, or at least the Northwest Territories, which is allegedly just like Alaska, only Canadian.

If push comes to shove, as it so often does, we could maybe pick up part of Greenland, it is not that far, and certainly they can't be using the whole thing.  It is a very big place, and not densely populated.  

Of course, there are many other potential states, but, it is time to start planning.  Geopolitically speaking there is nothing sacred, and the race is going to the swift, and powerful, and those who might be a little unscrupulous, and possibly those who have a little cash to throw around.  This is the time for bold, decisive action, and a radical departure from the norm.  Is this country prepared?  Only time will tell.