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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lefty Pop, the worlds greatest website, and the worlds funniest people, and me.

Big news!  No, seriously big news.  My blog post about nature, and mankind, working together to make things even worse than they are already are was noticed, and published, on a nationally renown, respected, solemn, serious news site.  Okay, they didn't accidentally notice the post, I sent it to them, and they are probably not all that solemn, or serious, but they were smart enough to recognize my keen insight, tireless research, and unfailing reasoning, or they couldn't find anything better.

But, I don't care, they are fantastic people, with a fantastic website, and a marvelous sense of humor, and I think I love them, and so should you.

Stop at the site, and tell them how much you loved my post, it is your duty.