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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

And, The Celebration Continues.

Yesterday I was greeted by this happy sight when I went to lunch.  It was kind of a teary moment for the whole company, most of whom don't even know I have a blog.  In fact this woman probably doesn't know.  But, she is a very good sport, (and a very good friend, and a exceptionally good person) and agreed to hold the sign, which was actually a box, with a product still inside, and I just added the text.*

Actually, she is always willing to help me out by holding props and letting me take her picture, sometimes I use an app to put a silly mask on her, and she never, well hardly ever, gets mad about it.  This time I just cropped the picture, so she can't complain at all, probably.

But, 500 posts later, something foolish should be done, and I am just the guy for the job.

On to more news, I have decided to approach Peter Garrett, member of the Australian House of Representatives, to be the Official Celebrity Endorser for Life Explained, not because of his political success, at least not just because of his political success, more because of his time as the spokesperson and lead singer for Midnight Oil.

So many of their songs said the things I am saying, repeatedly, of course being Australian, he sounds much better saying them, and being fearless, and politically keen, he said them with much more vigor, and putting them to music always makes them sound better.  Other than those few things we are like brothers.  So, here is my brother Peter, (and possibly future Celebrity Front Man for Life Explained) singing about greed, waste and the excesses of capitalism, I think.

I will see you for post 503, or maybe 504.  I can't really remember.

*text added with "Strip Design," see my review here.