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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Bosses Day!

I work for a small, privately owned company.  My direct supervisor is one of the owners.  She is a remarkable person in many ways.  Several years ago she forbade us from giving her gifts, so today I am going to write this post wishing her a Happy Bosses Day, and that will probably change her mind.

In every other job I have ever had it was always easy to feel like I was the smartest person there.  It may not have always been true, but there was plenty of anecdotal evidence, and that was good enough for me.  Not here.  She is so brutally intellectual, so well educated, so incredibly smart, that it can be a little intimidating to try to have a conversation.  She can grasp difficult concepts, and wrestle them into submission, all while typing up the summary of a manual of complicated, convoluted, verbose instructions, breaking the whole thing down into one or two pages of concise, clear, easy to follow steps.

"When you give to the needy let not your right hand know what your left hand is doing."  She gives, constantly, to organizations, to charities, to all sorts of people and places that come asking.  Almost all of those come through my department before leaving the building.  And, I only notice a very few.  On the rare occasions I have mentioned the kindness, and generosity, she dismisses it, quickly, and firmly.

And, she is a great person to work for!  She will give you plenty of rope, and you are free to decide if you want to make a macrame, or a noose.  I am still deciding, sometimes it gets a little difficult to breathe.  Even those times (more than I care to remember) that I have done something monumentally stupid she did not yell, and has found a way to forgive.  And that has to get old after a while.

There is probably nobody, anywhere in the world that is more thorough.  When she gets done with something every T has been crossed, and there are dots over every I.  She is compulsively, consistently correct, in everything she does.  It is hard work and she is tireless, in the demands she places on herself, and the work she powers through, every day.  And, I have nothing but respect for her.

Everybody who reads this should add a Happy Bosses Day comment, and I will pass those on to her.

I was going to take a picture of my whole department wishing her a Happy Bosses Day, but we are way too immature to make something so complicated work.  So I am using the first issue in the new line of Life Explained Greeting Cards (don't forget to order yours know, they are completely customizable, and only marginally too expensive).