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Saturday, October 11, 2014

More Good News, No, More Great News.

It is now 5:30 in the morning, well, 5:36 if you are keen for precision, (I'm not), and I could not wait to bring you the good news, no the great news.  I will wait here while you get a cup of coffee, and maybe a donut, or a roll, if you want go ahead and make some toast, I will wait.  Hey, if you think I am going to sit here while you whip up a pancake, or a tin of muffins, you are crazy, this is big news, huge news.

Are you sitting?  Good, you will want to be sitting for this.

The kind people at Lefty Pop in all of their boundless generosity, and unequaled brilliance have agreed to post another of my entries.  Please take a look at it here Wow, what a great piece of writing.

If you have any decency you will rush right over, read the article and leave a comment demanding more from this unusual talent, (that would be me, by the way)  and you might want to throw in something about the wonderful toupee I am wearing in the picture.