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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vanity, It Looks Good On You.

As many of you know, I am not a very good driver.  Normally I have a lot of things running through my mind. Many important things, that are consuming a lot computational cycles.  Plus, there is always the terrible decision of which song to listen to next, and a little light hearted banter with Siri.  Also, there are infinite distractions.  All over the route to and from work, there are diversions, and eye catching side shows, and fantastic scenes begging to be noticed.

Lately there have been an unusual number of vanity plates.  Each one deserves a little attention.  That is the whole purpose behind having a little something extra put on your license plate, it is asking to be noticed.
Plate Enhanced Through Top Secret Technology.

Of course it is difficult to take a decent picture while driving 65 miles an hour, and dodging all of the crazy people out there.  Honestly, the roads are filled with crazy people, weaving in and out of traffic, talking on the phone, and being a potential hazard.  It is amazing that I have lived this long.  Anyway, I saw this vanity plate, and it reminded me of the big showdown this weekend with +Mike Raven.  Over at the Tea drinkers r' us.And, I thought it was kind of a sign, maybe drinking tea was ok.

But then this happened, and I changed my mind.  I think I will stick to coffee.  Care for a spot of tea, anyone?