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Monday, December 1, 2014

A brief update, for what it's worth.

We are at T-minus four.  T being our Trip this coming Friday to Louisville to watch the Cardinals play, (L1C4), and four is the number of times we have to haul ourselves out of bed at the screaming, incessant urging of the alarm clock, and drag ourselves to work.  You know, I really like my job, and actually enjoy going to work, but damn, I hate the alarm clock.  I can't be the only one who detests the intrusive, blaring, jarring assault of the alarm clock.  Science should really look into this, it might be a national problem.  But, we are here to talk about happier things, like loading into the car driving three hours, or so, down Interstate 71 and watching Louisville win a basketball game.

It is going to be kind of a quick trip, down on Friday, back on Saturday, my oldest son has to work on Saturday evening, and he is very responsible, it must come from his Mother, but there will still be time for a side trip to Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati, and I have decided to look for a "I'd rather be drinking Bourbon" coffee mug,  So, if you know where I can find one on Friday evening leave a comment and let me know.

I am thinking of emailing coach Rick Pitino to let him know I will be at the game this Friday.  He was happy to hear that we were going to the game last year, he even emailed me, from his iPhone.  Of course, I emailed him first, but I think he was happy to hear from me.  I am a blogger, after all, you know.  And I have tens of followers, and that carries some weight.

In a bit of a news flash, Nebraska won against Florida State in basketball, in Tallahassee.  It may not be all that impressive, but it makes me happy.  I might have to email Coach Miles my congratulations, he will be so happy.  He emailed me last year, in case I didn't mention that.

Anyway, it is late, I am tired, and starting to ramble, more than normal.  Go Cards, Go Big Red, and enjoy the week, it is the last one for a while.