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Friday, December 26, 2014

Another Post About Us.

2014 is almost over, which means it is time for a year in review post.  It was quite a year.  Highlights were numerous, extravagant, and highlighted.  There was so much good.  Since we have too busy to pay attention to you guys, and your accomplishments, we decided to talk about ours.  We hope that is ok.

Doctor Dawg combined a color copier, a hot glue gun (loaded with a large box of crayons), the reactor from a nuclear submarine and a microwave to invent the worlds first three dimensional copier.  Don't ask how he got the reactor from a nuclear sub, it is a long story of bartering, bickering, bullying and larceny, and he will go on and on, until you wonder if a talking, scientist dog with several advanced degrees is such a good idea. Be comfortable with the knowledge that Eastern Europe is Craig's List for unusual shopping needs.

Of course, the fact that he invented it just to save on pizza costs for company parties doesn't really detract from the accomplishment.  Copied pizzas are pretty tasty, if a little waxy, but the problem is not really the taste, it is the scale.  When he pressed copy it not only reproduced the pizza it also copied the guy grabbing a soft drink from the refrigerator.

Having two Bobs from building maintenance is alright, but not really in the budget, and his wife and children are a little upset.  On the plus side, despite the obvious difference in the pizza, the Bobs are identical, and even his mom can't tell the difference.

Thank goodness we are so close to the years end, and we can add another Bob to payroll.  It will be a little tight, but Doctor Dawg has a plan to cut back on the drink budget, using a fire extinguisher, an aerosol can, a garden hose, and an almost new (mostly clean) cement mixer.

Of course, that was not the best thing that happened last year, but it was noteworthy.  At least for Bob.  And his family.  And our budget.  Don't worry, though, there are still some days left in this fading year, and we will have other accomplishments to share, boastfully, maybe.