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Monday, December 29, 2014

Pre-breakfast television, not a good idea.

Since I am "working from home" (also known as not working) I had time to research an idea for a new blog post (yes, I do "research," somethings, sometimes).  Most of this research involved watching a show on The History Channel that dealt with doomsday prophesies.  According to this show, there have been a surprising number of people have predicted that world would end, horrifically.  Moreover, again, according to the show, most of those people felt it would be right about now.

Well, historically speaking right about now, about now being sometime in the next several years.
Don't worry, you should have time to finish your coffee.

In "preparation" for this several people have decided to join a society called "Doomsday Preppers."  Feeling that the end is near, these people have taken the initiative to plan for the worst.  They stockpile food, and supplies, often in remote locations.  Occasionally, they have purchased land and began constructing what they call "Bug Out Shelters."   When the whole place melts down they will rush to these places and hide away. Taking their families and whatever possessions they have time to grab.

It is a good plan.  Built, though it is from desperation, and fear.  These people take these precautions very seriously.  Spending a great deal of time, and money.  Sacrificing greatly for the eventual survival of their loved ones.  It is noble, and I admire their determination in the face of such a dire future.

This show offered a very graphic depiction of what these long dead prophets foresaw.  And, anybody who has ever lost a minute of sleep needlessly worrying about pointless things can tell you about "the end of days." Most predictions seemed, according to the show, some variation of this.   Rivers of blood, the unleashing of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, sores, fire scorpion like locusts, and it gets worse.  It would be very bad.

What we have here is the typical cycle of irresistible force meeting immovable object. People holding out against an end so terrible nobody can survive.  On one side we have people are preparing for the eventual collapse of society (which many people felt happened with the arrival of humanity some few years ago).   On the other we have predictions of Armageddon, and the apocalypse.  An inescapable cataclysm, from which there is no escape.

Armed with this sort of knowledge my decision was simple, I think I will have raisin toast for breakfast and change the channel.  I hope the Ninja Turtles are on, they are so cool.