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Friday, December 5, 2014

Big Trip, Big Time, Go Cards.

Today is the day.  This afternoon, shortly after 2:00 we will reach escape velocity, and break free of the gravitational pull of the work week, rocketing into the weekend.  We plan on using the black hole of the outlet mall at Jeffersonville to propel us, slingshot fashion, past Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati (actually Fairfield, the original, not the new, pale imitation in Eastgate (actually, the Eastgate store it is still a cool place, but I am old enough now that I find new things inferior, "old way is better," after all)).  It is a dangerous maneuver, though we have little choice, both of these locations can grab us, pulling us in, draining precious time, and that is something we can not afford.  We are headed for Basketball (Go Cards!) in Bourbon Country.  Two of my favorite things.

I am, understandably, excited.  I have been a Louisville fan since the days of Scooter (Rodney) McCray, Doctor Dunkenstein, in the late 70s and early 80s, Darrell Griffith is a legend in college basketball.  An incredibly fast, athletic demon who could sky, and slam, and ignite a crowd.  Man, those guys were something.

Plus, I have been a Rick Pitino fan since his days at Providence.  His tenure at Kentucky was the only time I could root for the Wildcats.  His swarming, harassing, relentless defense is my kind of basketball.  His teams never quit, and no matter the score at halftime you know they might still win.  They once trailed Marquette 65 - 47 with 5:44 in the game, and won 71 to 70.  But, the most amazing comeback had to be against Syracuse in the last, real Big East Championship game.  Trailing by 16 at halftime Louisville came back and won by 18.  Trapping, fighting, and crashing, they grabbed hold of the baseline against a zone defense, grabbing rebounds, and slamming them down ferociously.  It was a performance seared in my mind.  And, I loved it, my sons, and I were celebrating with each stop, and steal, and trap.

My wife, my sweet, wonderful wife, knew how much we liked the Cardinals, and went out her way to get tickets last year.  We watched them raise the Championship banner.  It might become a yearly trip to the Yum Center, and that would be ok with me.

I will have pictures, and a glowing account tomorrow, maybe tonight.  Go Cards.  L1C4, baby!!!