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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Methane, oh my that is nice.

NASA reports that the Mars Rover Curiosity discovered a methane source on Mars.  It was very exciting news, though I am not sure why.  Here is the article, describing in great detail, the important discovery.  Methane, WOW.  They feel it is a very important discovery.

We, here at Life Explained (#lifeexplained) offer our most sincere congratulations.  While it is true that we have long held a festering, seething, bitter, rancorous animosity towards the space exploration giant we are so glad they have managed to land a drone on the surface of an alien planet.

Of course, it took a fat wad of cash, enough money to provide us, at Life Explained (#costeffectivespaceexploration) with the means to travel through space, and time, and possibly a couple of dimensions as well.  We are still working out the math on interdimensional time/space travel, so we are not completely certain how much that will cost.  We are certain it will cost a lot less than NASA would charge, though.

That is really the issue we have with NASA, all of the money, while we are selling asteroid chunks, and moon rocks just to scrape by, they have expansive, sumptuous offices in Houston, a huge, technologically advanced launch facility at Cape Canaveral, facilities in California, Tennessee, Louisiana, Delaware, New York, and Maryland, and these are just the ones they admit to.

You can call us stupid, and you can call us paranoid, but don't call us and tell us that the National Space and Aeronautics Administration doesn't have a whole crew of scientists and engineers working on the space ships in Roswell.  Area 51, sure we all know about that one, but what we would like to know is what about Area 1, all the way through Area 50, what about those.  They act like Area 51 is a big secret, and keep us all talking about what is hidden in the cavernous, underground laboratories, and research facilities just to keep us from asking about the first fifty...  Oops, sorry about that.

It wasn't cool like Methane, but we found this on Mars.

Anyway, we would like to congratulate our brothers on the frontier of scientific achievement.  This is an important first step in the exploration of space, a great beginning.  Oh, and by the way if you run across any of our friends on Mars, tell them we will stop and say hello, on our way back to Earth.  Tell them we will bring the pizza.