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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Change is coming, want to go along for the ride?

2015 is here.  And, looking ahead, this is the year I am going to make some changes.  Normally, resolutions are anathema, but this year is different.  

I have decided to become a better writer, (yes, I realize writer is a stretch, how about better at writing?)  and on the 5th of January, next Monday, I am going to workshop.  It is free, at a local library.  It may help, it may not, but, it can't hurt.  It is just the first step in the transformation of Tim.

Looking back, it is difficult to say when I decided this was the year.  But, it was similar to when I decided to quit smoking, it was just time, there was no doubt, and I never looked back.  This is the same thing, it is time, and it seems obvious.  Here we go again.

Plus, I am going to start working out.  There is a gym of sorts where my wife works, it has treadmills, rowing machines, resistance machines, stair climbers, free weights. Importantly, it has an employee who will help you understand how to use the machines.  It is not a gym for body builders, or professional athletes, but it is more equipment than I could ever use.  I am very excited by the opportunity, and on the 6th of January, next Tuesday, I am going to start going to the gym.  Another step in the transformation.

My goals for exercise are going to be along the lines of "work out three days a week for at least thirty minutes each visit."  I will add more concrete goals as my ability, and understanding increase.  My goals for being a better writer are less easily defined, but I will come up with something.

To reward myself I bought myself a new notebook to track my progress.  It has a quote from one of my favorite writers.  And it was on clearance sale, which makes it so perfect.

I plan to document all of my attempts.  Either on a page of my current blog, or a new blog, dedicated to the reconstruction.  I am not sure which would be easier, I have been thinking about trying Word Press for a while, and maybe this is the perfect excuse.  One more step in the process.

Change is coming.  Nothing dramatic, nothing extreme, but self improvement does not need to be radical, and I won't last long if it is too difficult.  As soon as I get the page or blog up and running I will post a link.

This year will be different, I am convinced.  I hope you can join me, misery loves company, but so does success.  I would love to hear about your plans to succeed next year.