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Monday, February 9, 2015

Grammys for Everybody

Last night was the annual presentation of the grammys.  It is a show that lasts a long time, and is filled with song and dance, and awards being given.  Apparently the awards are given based on..., they are given to people who..., they are earned by...  Honestly, I am not sure how they are awarded, and honestly I don't even know who won these awards.  I didn't watch.

It does seem that some people are upset about who won certain awards.  But, it would be difficult to choose an award winner without some quantifiable standards.  And music, really art of any type would fall into that category.  How do you judge Artist of the Year?  It has to be personal taste, and everybody knows how fickle that can be.

Obviously, there is no way to choose that one album, song, singer, or band to be "album, song, singer, or band of the year" without making somebody unhappy.  Of course, no matter what tastes you have, or opinion you hold about a type of music, or a particular singer, or band, anybody who has following enough to qualify for inclusion deserves something.

In these times, with the tension, and turmoil, coursing through society we should look more at a participation trophy.  "We would like to start this years show with the Artist of the Year," and everybody in the audience would walk single file up to the stage, and collect their artist of the year trophy.

Nobody would get their feelings hurt, nobody would feel left out, and we could eliminate a lot of speeches.  Speeches that can be a little tiring, maybe a little preachy, and sometimes can be freighted and irritating.  Everybody wins, everybody  is happy, and some lucky trophy maker makes some serious dinero.

Sponsors could offset the cost of trophies.  "The Arby's Reuben Artist of the Year Trophy, bought to you by Arby's Reuben Sandwich, with a side of potato cakes, and a cold drink all for $5.99*"

Imagine how happy the viewers will be, watching from home, a big bowl of potato chips, a glass of iced tea, and the television remote, when they can leap to their feet, screaming with joy "I knew (insert favorite singer here) would win!"  Snacks and drinks flying everywhere.  A scene repeated across the country, as one happy person follows another celebrating the righteous triumph of artistic endeavor.

You know, this is such a good idea, we should start thinking about foreign policy.  Imagine the potential.

*Not the Real Price, well, it might be the real price, we aren't sure,if it is right please
let us know, we have no plans for lunch.