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Monday, February 23, 2015

Life Explained Explains History (at least the interesting bits).

Our weekend was big, too big to explain in something so finite as a blog post.  So we are going to examine the history of the world.  Well, not the whole world, that would take a while, and we don't have that much time.  We will settle for the more readable (maybe) portion of world history that involves human beings...

Research indicates that might be a little ambitious for a single entry in a humble blog, so we have decided to write a post about the times when humans were at war, or actively involved in empire building, regime change, or in some state of conflict with their geographic neighbors...

Since that seems to cover most of the history of the human existence, we are going to need to make this a series of blog posts.  A string of thoughtfully researched, carefully written lessons in the history of mankind.   Well, maybe not too carefully researched, or thoughtful.  But, since this is coming to you as a free service, from your friends, here at Life Explained what do you have to lose?  Besides a few minutes of your time, your patience, and any belief you had in the inherent decency of humanity.

 Documenting the never ending attempts of mankind to subjugate, enslave and control his fellow man is not an easy task, and it probably has already been done, several times, but we have never been one to back away from a challenge, at least not an easy challenge.  When things start getting difficult, well you know the old saying "when the going gets tough, the tough get going," and so do we, as far, and as fast as possible, to someplace much easier.  But reading, listening, and interpreting a few facts is probably simple enough, and if it gets too hard we will just quit.

To make this one stand out, and stick in your memory we are going to add pictures depicting...  Wait, we were just informed people have been adding pictures to history lessons fro years to make it more interesting.

Not to scale.
Ok, we will add our efforts at exercise and self improvement to add a unique touch to the history of the world.  Which seems only right.  While exercising we listen to history podcasts, piquing our interest in a subject.  After leaving the gym we go over to the library (which is conveniently located just feet from the gym, (about 500 feet, but still convenient)) for books about the subject of the podcast.  A truly addictive circle we admit.  And now, we are dragging you into this.   We are sorry.

We will start with Genghis Khan, and his incursions into the Western Xia Dynasty of China.   It was his first real invasion, and provided many lessons.  The Mongol army was not much for book learning, but they adapted quickly, "enlisted" skilled local people to assist, and were almost supernatural in their ability gather and interpret 

So, buckle in, grab a coffee, or tea, or wine, beer or bourbon, depending on your taste, and get ready for tomorrow, and the first part of our history of the world.   There is a lot to cover, we are already behind, (history just keeps piling up everywhere we look) and there will be a test.