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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Raising healthy kids, a guide.

According to a study, published in the journal "Pediatrics" and reported on by dishes washed by hand could help prevent the development of allergies in children.

It seems the introduction of microbes early in life stimulates the immune system, making it more "tolerant," according to the author of the study, Dr. Bill Hesslemar of  Queen Silvia Children's Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Figuring that hand washing dishes might be an important aspect of developing a healthy immune system the team asked the parents and guardians of 1,029 children.  Only 23% of children from families who hand washed the dishes were afflicted by eczema, while 38% of children whose parents used dishwashers were afflicted.

Of course, this study is only the beginning, it does raise significant opportunities.  If eating from hand washed dishes proves healthier for children, what if the children washed the dishes themselves?  It would teach them the value of hard work, discipline and bolster their health.

If washing dishes is healthy, how about scrubbing the floor, washing and waxing my car?  Mowing the lawn?  It is crazy the things we are willing to give up for our children.

Think of the potential health benefits if children cooked the meals, raw meat, after all is filled with foul stuff, sure to add years to a childs life.  Then served the food to parents whose only care is the health of their babies, and cleaned up afterward.

Dirty clothes, are filled with bacteria, which turns out to be the staff of life, imagine how healthy America's youth will be if they start washing clothes.  Just think of the benefits made possible by taking in the laundry of single people who don't have to worry about the continuation of their blood line.  Plus, you might make a little cash, too.  Which is good for kids, they can make much better meals, giving them a higher sense of self esteem.  These kids might live forever.

Raising children is difficult, and perilous, filled with pitfalls, heartache, and sacrifice, but in the grand picture of life it will be worth all of the heartburn from rich, fatty foods, and the soft, supple hands from avoiding dish water.  You owe it to the next generation, after all.