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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A big day, a new phone, and a happy doctor.

Yesterday was a big day.  A really big day.  First, there was an appointment with the GP. He was so impressed by three trips a week to the gym, and a diet heavy on fruit and vegetables, there was no chance to explain the recent, healthy habit of passing the elevator and taking the stairs.

Thinking back, it was just a year ago he said I was being a fool for not taking my medicine, eating better, exercising, and losing weight.  He was not happy, in fact he was angry. It was disconcerting, he is normally so nice that to have him openly critical really took me by surprise.

Age has made me a little wiser, not wise, really, but able to process information, and, occasionally, follow simple instructions. When my internal threat sensor detects disaster approaching we respond with haste, sometimes, sometimes we have trouble getting out of our own way, but every once in a while we act accordingly. This was one of those times.

After a year of taking my medicine, eating healthy, and exercise he was thrilled. We were both pretty happy. In many ways that appointment last year steered me toward a more healthy life.

If anybody from OSU Family Medicine reads this email me, ( and let me know how I can say wonderful things about my doctor. He is fantastic!

Then, after work we went over to Best Buy and got new phones (new iPhone 6s) that is always a good day.  For one thing it has double the storage of the old phone, so I can go a little crazy with photo's videos, apps, and music. Plus, it is just a bit bigger, which is going to make animations, and movie creation much easier. So, you all have something to joyfully anticipate, the Life Explained Movie Marathon, one sprint at a time.

Speaking of Best Buy, this is the second time we have purchased phones there, they make it easy, and the protection plan is wonderful.  This time was much easier, though. Our first trip was good, but got off to a rough start, when we said "we want to buy iPhones." They were insistent that we buy another phone. I think it was a Samsung, I don't really remember.

"Why would you pay more for a smaller phone?" He was indignant, almost offended. I tried explaining that we had been using iPods and all of our apps and knowledge were iOS centric. He was shocked that my son and I would want an iPhone when he was willing to sell us something else.

In fact he was so adamant he brought in back up. Then, there were two of them, and they were both talking, fast, about the benefits of the phone in question.  Which is a great phone, I am sure, and would have been put to very good use, but it was not what we wanted. Finally, just as we were approaching the "hey, let's go to the Verizon Store, and see if we can pick a couple of iPhones, they relented, and agreed to sell us what we wanted, and were actually quite pleasant.

This time our sales person, who happened to be the cell phone department manager, was more than willing to sell us any phone we chose, and some new cases too, and the protection plan, and we were all happy. Even my wife who bought her first smart phone.

Best Buy has really become our favorite electronic store, they are so polite and helpful, if anybody from Best Buy would like to hear more about our experiences email me  (

So, healthy, happy, and ready to start the Life Explained Studio Experience we move on to Wednesday, a new day, a new phone, and dreams of creativity, and the thrill of experimentation.