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Sunday, April 26, 2015

A good day, a good microwave, and a great wife.

Yesterday we went shopping for a new microwave oven. It was a good trip, there was a side excursion to a department store to buy jeans for our son, who doesn't like to pay for his own jeans. And, after seeing the price for Levi's 501s it is easy to see why. But, my wife had some Kohl's cash, and a few coupons, and thanks to her industriousness, and money sense, and the wonderfully generous policies of Kohl's we got both pairs for less than the price of one.

We went to Best Buy, a wonderful store, that I used to hate, but either they changed, and became more friendly, and accommodating, or I have become less critical, and that is not very likely. With our choice clearly made, armed with the customer reviews, and the "Consumer Reports" we headed right for the kitchen appliance section of the store closest to our home. Unfortunately, they didn't have the model we were looking for. Or the second choice, or a suitable replacement.

None of this was too surprising, as my wife had looked on the website, and it didn't seem promising. Hope springs eternal, though, so we had to try. But, when the bottom fell out, we packed up, and moved on. On to the store in Reynoldsburg.

I am not sure if they had the first choice, because there was this microwave, a fantastic microwave, this spectacular microwave, this cutting edge, revolutionary, world changing microwave.  A microwave that could alter the course of history. A microwave that guarantees victory, assures the continued success of mankind.  A really nice microwave.

This microwave comes with a tiny oven built in!  Just when you lose all faith in humanity something like this comes along, and you think there might be hope after all.  

It is days like this that I know I married the right woman, because we looked at that and I said, "wow!" and she asked "should we get that one?"  And, we bought it.  Despite the fact that it was not the one we agreed on, it was not even on the list, and they did not have one in stock, so we will have to wait until Tuesday, then drive back down to Reynoldsburg, and pick it up, and she didn't even balk.

When I said "Let's look at cell phones." 

She said "you already know what kind of phone you are getting, don't you?"  Which is true, but we did pick out a case, a wallet style, which covers the face. Considering what happened to Bil's phone seems even more important.

Plus, we paid $1.11 a gallon for gas, (thank you, Giant Eagle, who gives us such a nice discount just for buying food, we love food) a joyous occasion, as evidenced in the touching performance art below.  Please ignore the dead insect behind the glass on the pump.  After 25 years of marriage my wife has learned to suffer foolishness gladly, more or less, but to say "we have to pick a different gas pump because this one will cast a pall of death over the celebratory video," might be pushing things a little too far.

So, thanks to Kohl's, Giant Eagle Get Go, Best Buy, Apple, LG microwave oven division, Half Click Studios and Cam Animate, but mostly to my wife.