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Friday, April 10, 2015

Good News, Logistics Just Got Easier.

Today is a big day, here at Life Explained.  It is Friday, there is some power in that.  Plus, we are almost finished with our Matter Movement and Reintegration Process (MMARP).  It will revolutionize logistics, food service, and air travel.

We started small, just sending a donut and coffee from the kitchen to the secret laboratory in the basement, the one behind the dinosaur skeleton, not the one under the foosball table.  It worked out great, especially so if you enjoy dunking your donut in your coffee, well kind of through your coffee.  And if you don't mind the taste of styrofoam (really just the barest hint of a taste, more of an aroma of styrofoam, really) with your donut. These are pretty small things when the future is being discussed, and hey a donut is a donut.

Imagine the day when you will be able to order something on line, and have it appear on the desk, next to your keyboard.  Provided your coffee, and donut, are not sitting next to your keyboard.  You might want to ask for the "deliver to a place that is not occupied with scalding liquid, and delightful fried bread" option.  It is a little more expensive, but if you like coffee, and donuts, and don't care for being burned it is worth the investment.

It is a relatively green technology, requiring very little energy.  In fact our prototype runs off electricity generated by the windmill in the conference room. That was the greatest idea we have had in a long time.

Next week we are sending someone to the Moon, or at least to the deli for some sandwiches.  Any volunteers?  We will pay for the sandwich, and, if necessary, the reconstructive surgery, at least part of it.