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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Deflate Gate, it is an illness not a crime

There has been a lot of progress lately in the field of understanding and battling addictive behaviors. Smoking, drinking, gambling, all are treatable through medication, therapy, and counseling. Obviously, these are not the only problems that can be viewed through a medical prism.

Shoplifting can be a sign of kleptomania, an overwhelming, uncontrollable urge to take things that do not belong to the patient.  It is a treatable affliction, and these people need support and sympathy.

But, the umbrella should cover all of those in need, all of those who have urges they are unable to deny. It is folly to think we have discovered all of the ailments.  Life changes, opportunities abound for new schisms.

Everyday new problems manifest themselves. Unusual urges that defy control are more commonplace. These illnesses need to be treated as briskly as victims of the new, and various influenza strains that arise yearly.

We should not turn our back on anybody in need.  Addictive behaviors are a cry for help, no matter how innocuous it seems.  So, please give generously to the newest needs, it is our duty as a society to help everybody in need.  We can start with Tom Airless Brady Syndrome (TABS).  Together we can stamp out the awful desire to let the air out of inflated things.